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Amanda Halabi

Job Search Coach | Career Pathfinder Program Director

Pronouns: She/her

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A little bit about Amanda

I’ll never forget the day I realized I was on the wrong path. I was twenty-one in my first semester of graduate school, teeter-tottering between studying for an exam and working on deliverables for three separate clients.

I remember calling a friend in shambles. I said, “I don’t know what’s happening to me, I don’t wake up excited anymore…” My friend, from a place of love and compassion mixed with her own fear and insecurities, gave me the best advice she had – “See it through. You’ve invested this much time, why quit now?”

Right then I decided to let go of the voice inside of me that said “Be brave and follow your intuition,” and instead listen to the voice that said “Grit, resolve, and self-sacrifice are the only path to success.”

As a first-generation Lebanese-American, born and raised in Oklahoma by war refugees, I felt the pressure of perfection weigh on me daily. With my extended family still in Lebanon, the reality of privilege and opportunity kept me from entertaining a path that did not lead to a six-figure career and the ability to give back financially.

My commitment to “success” taught me invaluable skills and trained my grit and resolve, but I was always left feeling empty and unfulfilled. Over time, this neglect of my internal voice led to health complications, relationship tensions, and self-worth insecurities. During my career as a Fortune 500 Change Manager at some of the world’s largest consulting firms, I was promoted multiple times, received international recognition for my work, negotiated over 5 raises, and managed a team of all-stars, yet the inner critic inside my head only became louder with each step.

After 10 years of dulling my desires in the name of success, I finally left the career I knew was wrong for me all along. I followed my true inner voice and took all sorts of wild, bold action – including signing up for the A Path That Fits Career Pathfinder Coaching Program. The rest is history.

Today, I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I am on the path that is meant for me. I wake up excited again, and I could not be more grateful.

Career shifts take bravery. They take understanding. They take compassion. They take patience. These are all things I had to learn on my own journey toward a life that set my soul on fire. As a psychologist and a change manager, I feel a deep passion for supporting people who are committed to learning these skills, gifting the world their full potential, and cultivating the belief that anything is possible.

Today I work as a guide and friend to people who believe in the power of new beginnings. Humans are my passion and I welcome every conversation that can support you in discovering and claiming your truest path. It is my mission to uplift and celebrate your journey, and I can’t wait to connect.

Here is where I can help

If you’re wondering what to do next in your career and want help finding your ‘path that fits’, please schedule a free Career Pathfinder Coaching Program consultation with me. I would love to chat to see if our coaching could be the right fit for you. You can find out more about the Career Pathfinder Coaching Program here.

A few fun facts 
  • M.A. Industrial Organizational Psychology
  • B.A Psychology, Minor in Business Administration
  • ‘Woman Leader in Consulting’ Award – Consulting Magazine
  • Clean Water and Access to Education non-profit co-founder

"Amanda is an incredible coach who meets you where you’re at and helps you envision a new reality. Her words are like brushstrokes on a canvas that paints a picture of your dream career so vividly that there’s no other choice than to start living it.

Amanda helped me find the confidence to believe in myself and to ask for what I want. With her voice in my head and her coaching and encouragement, I created the job I’ve always wanted and negotiated a 6-figure salary, which was more than I had ever made. As my role continues to evolve and a new salary negotiation is on the horizon, I feel so lucky to have had Amanda there to guide me, remind me of my confidence, and continue asking for and creating the career I want.

I 10/10 recommend Amanda as your career coach. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for her! Thank you Amanda from the bottom of my heart. You’ve changed my life <3 "

LinneaDirector of Operations, Startup Recruiting for for VC-backed AI, SaaS and Crypto Startups

"Amanda has helped change my life. I started working with Amanda when I got to a place in my career that felt stagnant. I had hopes of finding a career that fulfilled me and made me excited to wake up and go to work each day (on top of being successful within those days.) With Amanda’s guidance and dedication to helping me find the path to discover just that, I felt propelled, encouraged, and excited to find something new.

It’s a scary road to drive down and working with her reassured me that I don’t have to do it all alone. I now own my own business with 13 employees, a dream I thought was 10 years away! I cannot recommend Amanda enough. Amanda, thank you for every moment of help and hope you have provided me!"

NicoleBusiness Owner

"I signed up for 3 sessions with A Path That Fits on a whim after getting laid off from my longtime job and feeling completely lost as to where I wanted to take my career next. I went into it expecting standard interview prep, maybe some feedback on my resume - nothing mind-blowing. What I got instead was exactly the right type of personal connection I didn't know I needed from Amanda Halabi, the coach I happened to choose at random.

Amanda went above and beyond to ensure she was tailoring our few sessions together to my experience and my aspirations, and our conversations were so thorough and expertly led that I truly felt like I was speaking to a particularly empathetic therapist, rather than a career coach. Amanda put so much effort into just her email communications with me and so much prep into our sessions that I can wholeheartedly state that my experience was well worth the money.

I ended each session feeling amazed and incredibly grateful that Amanda and I happened to cross paths exactly when I needed the guidance of someone like her to help me navigate the start of an uncomfortable transitional period in my life. With coaches like Amanda working at A Path That Fits, I would enthusiastically recommend their work to absolutely anyone looking to make a change."


"Amanda is a dream coach and a clear master of the job search process. She made it her mission to ensure that I saw my value and that I used that new confidence to drive every part of the job search process. Before we began working together I was overwhelmed by how to properly "play the game" and market myself to potential employers; I hadn't created a resume, updated my LinkedIn, networked, or interviewed in AGES. I felt stuck trying to see how my previous experience and skills from different industries translated into my new career path. That has all changed!

I walked away from our sessions with an entire re-branding package, but more importantly, I walked away with the knowledge and confidence I craved to do it all again myself if needed. I highly recommend Amanda to anyone out there that feels lost on the "how" part of getting a job you love, I know from personal experience that you will not regret it."


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