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We are in the beginning stages of practicing anti-racism in our organization. Our intention is to share what we are doing so as to hold ourselves accountable and to encourage other people and organizations to join us in this endeavor. This work is in progress and ongoing.

Educating ourselves

We are humbled by how much we have to learn and unlearn about white supremacy, systemic racism, and our country’s history of slavery, colonialism, and genocide against Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. We are reading, listening, and learning as much as we can from Black authors and thinkers. We are also participating in white caucuses and affinity groups to help understand our white privilege, racial bias, and unconscious complicity in white supremacy.


+ Adrian consulted and collaborated on the design of KT Prep Academy’s first career development program for student athletes. Reggie McCollumn @ KT Prep Academy did the heavy lifting of adapting parts of the Career Pathfinder Coaching Program to be relevant to high school students while also weaving in numerous other life and career coaching activities and real world success stories. Congratulations, Reggie and KT Prep Academy, on creating a powerful program to support your students in planning for a successful career after athletics. It was an honor to be a small part of this project. 

+ Adrian has been volunteering as a mentor and career coach to first-generation college students since 2018 through organizations including College Beyond and Students Rising Above. These organizations help first-generation college students from underrepresented communities to gain access to college education and build successful careers.

+ Adrian volunteered as a curriculum design consultant from 2019-2020 to support the Notifica App in creating an online training program. The Notifica App helps people at risk of being deported. This project was done in collaboration with United We Dream and the Full Circle Fund.

Offering scholarships

We developed a scholarship program to make coaching accessible to a more diverse community. To date, we’ve awarded $18,290 in scholarships. 

Contributing resources to support BIPOC communities

+ We’ve made monthly contributions since 2017 to the Shuumi Land Tax established by the Sogorea Te’ Land Trust. We began making monthly contributions to The Yunakin Land Tax established by the Association of Ramaytush Ohlone in 2021. These contributions acknowledge the history of genocide on this land and contribute to its healing.

+ We’ve donated 1% of annual profits since 2017 to organizations that support Black Indigenous and People Of Color.

+ We donated 10% of all coaching programs purchased in July 2020 to 100% College Prep Institute. This amounted to a total donation of $2,100.  

The following actions are in process:

+ Hiring a more diverse team of coaches inside of A Path That Fits.

+ Investing a larger percentage of our annual budget in BIPOC owned businesses and consultants for things like marketing, editing, and business development.

+ Building a referral network that includes more BIPOC career and life coaches, career strategists, and psychologists.

+ Featuring the wisdom of BIPOC career experts and thought leaders in our online course and the resources that we make available to clients.

+ Highlighting the success stories of BIPOC clients in case studies.

+ Revising our web copy, online course content, and marketing materials to be anti-racist and more inclusive.

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