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This podcast is part of the Pivot series by Jenny Blake.

When did you discover what you wanted to do with your life? I knew from a young age that I wanted to connect and communicate with people, and later refined that into a lot of people, helping them feel a sense of relief when navigating change, with plenty of practical tools to circumvent unnecessary confusion.

Learning to trust myself, and trusting that there is always something new emerging even when I’m in a dip, has been a lifelong process. My guest today, Adrian Klaphaak, returns to the show by interviewing me about career drivers and ongoing challenges. Be sure to also check out our earlier conversation in episode. Do you ever feel that you are meant to be doing something else? Adrian has a special offer for Pivoters: If you aren’t sure what career path is right for you, check out his signature Career Pathfinder coaching program. It has helped thousands of people find their calling and use it to take their career to the next level. Visit and use the promo code PIVOT when you enroll. Happy pathfinding!

You can find more episodes with Adrian in this playlist.

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