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Bay Area Career Coach Adrian Klaphaak Announces His Return to One-On-One Coaching

By May 3, 2022No Comments2 min read

I’m excited to announce that I’m accepting new one-on-one coaching clients after taking a three-year break to be a dad.

I’ve still been running the business, co-leading the Career Pathfinder Group Coaching Program, and doing a few coaching sessions here and there, but I had to let something go in order to be fully present with my daughter. So I took a break from one-on-one coaching.

I made less money, worked harder than ever (parenting is the most challenging job I’ve ever had), and missed the depth of meaning that I feel when coaching someone to find their calling. I’ve always been ambitious and career-driven so it was hard to step back from work.

But the time spent with my daughter in these precious first three years has been the greatest joy I’ve ever known. It reminded me of the importance of prioritizing what matters most. I often do this type of “values work” with clients and it was profound to live it in my own life. My daughter is now three and a half years old and it feels like the right time to start seeing clients again.

%name Bay Area Career Coach Adrian Klaphaak Announces His Return to One On One Coaching

What are your career goals?

As I return to client work, I’m especially excited to work with those of you who want to discover your purpose and use it to do your greatest work. This could result in:

  • Taking your current career to the next level of success, meaning, and impact
  • Transitioning into a new career you’ll love
  • Become a more inspiring and effective leader
  • Launching your own business

You can learn more about how I coach executives, leaders, changemakers, and brave souls discover their purpose and use it to lead a wildly fulfilling career here:

You can also read the related article I wrote, “How To Discover Your Purpose,” to jumpstart the purpose discovery process.

Why am I so excited about purpose?

Knowing your purpose is the key to doing your greatest work and having the biggest impact possible. If you’re not aligned with your purpose, you might be climbing the wrong mountain.

Your purpose is the ultimate source of inspiration and guidance for your life and career. It points you in the right direction and supplies limitless motivation. Your purpose empowers you to lead your own life and others with clarity and confidence.

Curious to learn more about one-on-one purpose coaching with me?

If you’re ready to discover your purpose and do your greatest work, I’d love to hear from you. Click here to learn more about how we can work together to discover your purpose.

Be well,


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