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We, at A Path That Fits, are very excited to have a new pathfinding coach on our team. Govinda Bader is a career coach and psychotherapist who loves helping people find and express their unique talents in the world.

Govinda brings expertise in a method of psychotherapy called Internal Family Systems that we’ve found to be especially effective in career coaching and pathfinding.

Internal Family Systems helps people reconcile the inner conflict between different parts of themselves. For example, part of you is longing to find a career that you’re passionate about while another part of you is scared that you won’t make enough money. One part is pushing you forward and the other part is on the brakes. The result: you’re stuck. You can try to make a career change but the fearful part of you is going to do everything it can to keep you right where you are until you do the work to understand it and free it of its fears.

Internal Family Systems offers a way of helping you listen deeply to each part of you, free each part from the burden that its carrying, and build new relationships inside yourself so that all parts of you are aligned. When this happens, you’re infinitely more connected to your true self, able to find your calling much more easily, and capable of following through on your career change.

Govinda combines this knowledge of “parts work” with our career pathfinding program to provide a unique and powerful career coaching experience that goes deep. He’s also an entrepreneur and has been through two career transitions before the age of 40 so he knows the struggle of feeling lost and dissatisfied, the overwhelm of changing course and the joy of finding deep satisfaction from a career.

Govinda is currently accepting new career coaching and life coaching clients at his offices in San Francisco and Berkeley. You can read his full bio here and schedule a coaching consultation with him by visiting our website at


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