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It’s been a little while since you’ve heard from us at A Path That Fits. I don’t write that often because it takes me so long to put together a blog post that I usually avoid it entirely. I know that’s not a good reason, I’m just being honest.

I’m writing today to share a former client’s inspiring career change story. I recently reconnected with Palmer 7 years after she went through our career pathfinding process. I was delighted to hear about the meaningful work that she’s doing.

My hope is that sharing about Palmer’s work and explaining how she found her path will inspire you to follow your own unique calling. I know that I always feel more hopeful about making changes in my life when I hear about someone else doing it successfully. I hope you feel the same way.

Meet Palmer

In 2012, Palmer quit her job as VP of Enterprise Sales and didn’t know what to do next. She went through our career pathfinding process, engaging in a period of self-discovery and deep reflection. She emerged with a new vision for her career born out of her unique gifts and life experience.

Today, Palmer recently published a bestseller book, “Beat Autoimmune, The 6 Keys to Reverse Your Condition and Reclaim Your Health.”


The book explains the science, stories and strategies for anyone seeking to heal from 150+ autoimmune conditions and shares Palmer’s journey of healing Multiple Sclerosis. In the last 7 years, Palmer built a meaningful career helping thousands of people heal their autoimmune conditions as an author, educator, and health coach.

Palmer’s career change case study

What led you to seek out coaching?

“I spent years working in jobs I liked but was not passionate about. I’d always known in my heart that I was supposed to be “doing something else,” that brought me greater joy and more meaning, but I just didn’t know what that “something else” was. I did well, was promoted steadily and fairly compensated, so leaving a job as a VP of Sales without a net was tough.”

How did you discover your new career path?

“Through Adrian’s Who am I process, I got clear about my personality (being a spokesperson for a cause), gifts (leader, communicator, inspirer), passions (health and wellness), and mission (helping people heal).

I developed the courage to quit my job, and with savings in hand, give myself the space of a sabbatical to let it all percolate. It was during this time of creativity and reflection that it dawned on me that reversing my Multiple Sclerosis a few years earlier was a big deal. Turns out, the path was right under my nose all along! It did take the right questions and guidance, coupled with a time of incubation and opening for my vision to reveal itself. I did a lot of research, found exciting and empowering science, and got certified as a Functional Medicine health coach.

How did you build it?

“I decided to create a website to educate, inspire and motivate people who have any of the 150+ autoimmune conditions – or who want to prevent one. I assembled a team of wonderful editors and advisors and a creative web designer and we launched our first website. It grew into a global community of 10,000+ on Facebook, and I have loved the interactions and fruitful collaboration. 

That all led to me embarking on a book project to share people’s stories that offer real hope and strategies for healing. I just launched my book, “Beat Autoimmune, The 6 Keys to Reverse Your Condition and Reclaim Your Health” and it’s quickly become a bestseller on Amazon.

I love what I do and the feeling of full alignment with my passion, personality, gifts and purpose.”

(Note: Palmer’s current website is Check it out. It’s amazing.)

What were the biggest obstacles?

“Looking back, I recognize that the biggest things holding me back were a combination of inertia and fear. I mostly enjoyed my previous jobs and the financial rewards, so I was afraid to leap without a net. But I also knew in my heart that I didn’t just want a lateral career move, I wanted something entirely new. I am grateful to Adrian for offering his gifts and passion with the world so that he can help us uncover our own.”

What advice do you have for someone that wants to make a career change?

  1. Try things you’ve been dreaming about. You don’t have to quit your job to do informational interviews or to pursue hobbies on the side.
  2. It’s never too late to try something new.
  3. It’s always too soon to give up on your dreams – even if you don’t know exactly what they are yet.

I hope Palmer’s story inspires you to find your calling. If you don’t know what your calling is, that doesn’t mean you don’t have one! Everyone carries a unique purpose and calling. At one point Palmer was a burnt out corporate VP wondering what to do next. Now her life and work are full of purpose. She’s leading a healing community of ten thousand people and just published a book that will reach thousands more.

Yes, it does take a lot of work and courage to create a career you love but the journey is endlessly fulfilling. And what else are we here to do if not to use our gifts to make a meaningful contribution to the world?

If you want help finding your calling, book a free consultation with one of our coaches and check out the Career Pathfinder Coaching Program. Palmer’s story is one of many case studies that we examine in more detail in coaching program. Thank you Palmer for sharing your story and for the beautiful work you are doing:)


Adrian and the team at A Path That Fits

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