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Looking to find work you love that pays you well?

Get career & life coaching in San Francisco by America’s Best Career Coach*

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Are we really America’s best career coach?

We don’t actually think we are the one and only best career coach or life coach in the country but we have received that award from for 3 years running and we are certainly proud to be one of the country’s highest-rated career and life coaches according to Yelp (check out our 150 five star reviews). If you’re looking for a career coach or life coach in Los Angeles, CA, give us a look…

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Ready to take your career to the next level?

We believe that you have a unique genius that is waiting to be discovered and channeled into your life and career.

If you aren’t having the success and fulfillment you want, it’s probably because haven’t tapped into the power of your gifts, passions, and purpose. They are the key to maximizing your potential in life and work.

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Will career and life coaching work for me?

We provide a free 30-minute virtual session so you can determine whether coaching can help you accomplish your professional and life goals. We will address all of your concerns at the free consultation and outline our coaching process so you know how it operates and what to expect. There is no obligation to sign up for anything. Simply put, we’re excited to meet and get to know you.

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Our clients make inspiring career moves

90% of our clients report that they succeeded in finding a career path that fits (based on program completion survey data)

“I was looking for a career change for about a year and wasn’t sure how to go about it. I now work for an amazing company and I could not have done it without Adrian’s program.”

AllisonPublic Relations

“I was a forensic accountant, investigating complex fraud and misconduct. My motivation was flagging and I realized I needed help to make a bigger change. Now I am a software engineer at Google. After three months in the Career Pathfinder Coaching Program, I’ve landed a new job that I wouldn’t have thought possible!”

TomSoftware Engineer

“I was looking to make a career change. I had lots of ideas about what I could do next, but I didn’t have clarity around what I should do. Amazingly, after two months, I was on a clear career path and had a new awesome job offer which I accepted. It’s been an incredible experience.”

JohnMarketing Strategist

Career Coach FAQs

Looking for more information about our services & career coaching in the Bay Area? If there’s something we can’t answer here, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Do you really need to hire a career coach?

Whether you’re just starting out and unsure of which road to follow, seeking to explore a new interest, or prepared to go to the next level, getting an outside perspective from a professional career coach may be incredibly helpful. A career coach is best hired before you actually need one.

How much does a career coach in the Bay Area cost?

Given the amount of time most people spend working, it can be wise to invest in a career coach who can help you figure out what you want out of your professional life and hold you accountable for getting it. Detailed pricing for our services is available for all of our packages here.

Working with a career coach or life coach can be a valuable experience because they bring a fresh perspective to your career trajectory. They can aid in goal clarification, growth identification, and the development of a successful strategy. You can assess your skills and shortcomings, look into fresh prospects, and develop a plan for reaching your goals by collaborating with our skilled coaches in California.

What is the difference between a career coach and a career counselor?

Career coaching and counseling are undoubtedly similar services. A career counselor may provide you with insider knowledge of the field and put you in the proper path if you’re looking for work. These insights can also be obtained from a professional coach, who will also take a closer look at your life as a whole and take your values, talents, and hobbies into account.

Our career counselors in California are accomplished professionals with a minimum of ten years of experience. We provide one-on-one tutoring to our clients all over California and the world both physically in San Francisco and remotely. You can collaborate with us from anywhere in the globe thanks to our online career coaching program. Consider it your personal online career coach, there anytime you need it.

Is career coaching a life coach?

A life coach will focus on your personal objectives, whereas a career coach will help you meet your professional objectives. The goals their clients want to improve in their lives and the steps they need to take to accomplish these goals are helped by life coaches.

We are both career coaches and life coaches at A Path That Fits, and we approach careers in a somewhat different way… We consider your profession as a platform for you to showcase your talents and enrich the world. With the help of our innovative career pathfinding approach, you can identify your natural talents and passions and turn them into the ideal profession.

We have aided thousands of people in establishing fulfilling lives and finding meaningful work. We employ a mindfulness-based strategy to achieve goals by gaining clarity and taking specific action.

What services do you offer in California?

Our specialty is pathfinding. We believe that everyone has a path that fits who they are and we’re committed to helping you find it.

Our life coaching services & career coaching services and programs in San Francisco include:

We also have office locations in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Berkeley.

About Our Team of Life and Career Coaches

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We are a tiny but mighty team of executive, career, and life coaches with a range of specialties. We genuinely care about our clients and the work we do. Our coaches are all accomplished professionals with a minimum of ten years of coaching experience. To schedule your free session with a life coach or career counselor in San Francisco, CA, book a free consultation below. To find out more about us, go here.

To speak with the coach of your choice, we cordially welcome you to schedule a free consultation.

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We’ve used these strategies to help 1000+ people find their calling and take their careers to the next level. The career guide also includes 4 career change case studies that illustrate how former clients have succeeded in making different types of career pivots.

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