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A Path That Fits, Inc.

We help people find meaningful work that fits who they are and what they want. We can help you find a new career or reinvent your existing one.

Our career and life coaches are available for sessions in person at our office in San Francisco or via phone and video conference. We also have an online career coaching program that makes it possible for you to work with us from anywhere in the world. Think of it as your online career coach – on demand whenever you want.

For all new client inquiries and questions about our coaching programs, contact Audrey, our client enrollment specialist.

Main Office


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Audrey Chrisler (for new client inquiries)
connect ( at ) apaththatfits ( dot com )

Matt Bautista
matt ( at ) apaththatfits ( dot com )

Adrian Klaphaak
adrian ( at ) apaththatfits ( dot com )

Lisa Lewis
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Daniel Fine
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Joseph Freed (College Career Services)
joe ( at ) apaththatfits ( dot com )

San Francisco

Office of our Career Coach & Life Coach in San Francisco

465 California Street, Suite 612
San Francisco, CA 94104


Office of our Career Coach and Life Coach in Berkeley

2915 Martin Luther King Jr Way
Berkeley, CA 94703