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Keep up the good work with Daniel:)

We know the initial 10 session package isn’t always enough to accomplish all of your career and life goals so we offer a discounted monthly retainer for you to continue your coaching sessions.

Why continue?

Clients frequently choose to extend the coaching relationship for a variety of reasons. Which of the following apply to you?

  • You want/need more sessions to accomplish the career and life goals that you set into motion during the initial 10 session package.
  • You got in touch with some “deeper stuff” in your first 10 sessions that you want to give more attention.
  • You have experienced the value of Daniel’s coaching and you want to continue to benefit from his presence and support in all areas of your life and work.
  • The first 10 sessions surfaced some unexpected topics, issues, goals, and challenges (potentially from your personal life) that you want to continue exploring with Daniel’s guidance.
  • You are excited about the new direction your life and career are headed and you want the accountability to ensure that you succeed in your new endeavors.

The cost is $695/month for 2 sessions per month. Each session is 1 hour long, just like your previous ones. You can continue for whatever amount of time you need, cancel anytime.

The “Sign Up” button will take you to a secure credit card processing page where you can make your payment.

Monthly RetainerKeep up the good work!

$ 695

Per Month
  • Billed every month until you cancel (cancel anytime)
  • Includes 2 one-on-one coaching sessions
  • Each session is 1 hour long
  • Continued access to the Career Pathfinder Coaching Program (if this was already a part of your initial coaching package)
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