Emily Stanek

Director of Client Enrollment

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A little bit about Emily

My parents always told me if I worked hard I could do whatever I wanted to do and be whomever I wanted to be when I grew up. So I worked hard. At everything. But I woke up one day and realized I was working hard yet was not who or what I wanted to be.

So what was I supposed to do and who was I supposed to be? 

I was stuck. I was working for one of the fastest growing tech startups in Silicon Valley and on paper, I had the dream job. Yet no matter how hard I worked, and no matter how hard I tried to make it fit, I could not find that elusive sense of fulfillment and meaning that my parents and the world told me I should have. I had worked hard and I had “made it”, but something was missing.

And then I found A Path That Fits. I enrolled in the Career Pathfinder Coaching Program and it forced me to dig deep to discover who I was at my core: my unique passions, strengths, and personality. The next few modules helped me discover what career would be right for me based on the passions, strengths, and personality I had identified as part of my true self; and boy did the lightbulb go off! No wonder I had been unable to find that elusive fulfillment and meaning I so desired: I had been working in a career that couldn’t be more opposite my strengths and passions! The rest of the Career Pathfinder program helped shift my mindset towards identifying the career that did fit through a variety of strategies around career exploration, building my confidence, and networking. I can confidently and happily say that through the program, I found a path that fits for me and along with that, the immense sense of fulfillment and meaning I had always been searching for. I discovered my calling is to be a career coach, which I am pursuing by working with A Path That Fits part-time and also taking coaching clients on the side. As I build my new pathway into coaching, I am continuing in my full-time career as a recruiter (one of the key things I learned through the Career Pathfinder Coaching Program is that a safe and practical way to transition careers is to explore a new career through side hustles and projects).

I’m thrilled to be back working with A Path That Fits as the Director of Client Enrollment, helping others reconnect with their inner selves to find their true calling. If you’re interested in the Career Pathfinder program, let’s chat. I would love to learn more about you and help you figure out if this program could be the right fit for you. I hope it changes your life like it did mine.

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