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We’re Hiring

Position: Resume Writer / Job Search Coach

We are looking for a passionate resume writer / job search coach
to join our team in a part time capacity.

This is a remote/work from home position. You’ll have lots of flexibility to set your own hours and continue running your own business or working for another company part-time.

As one of the top career coaching companies on Yelp in San Francisco, we get a lot of requests for resume writing and job search coaching. The problem is, resume writing and job search coaching isn’t our specialty. We can do it but we don’t love it. We love to focus on the bigger picture question of helping people get clear about the work they are meant to do.

We’d like you to work with the people coming to us for help with their resume, job search, and interviewing. Resume writing will be a part of this position in addition to general job search strategy & career coaching.

I estimate that it will require about 10 hours of your time per week. Part of that will be responding to requests from prospective clients for resume writing / job search coaching and having enrollment conversations with them.

Here are the coaching skills and
areas of expertise we are looking for:

  • Resume writing: You can write accomplishment focused resumes for everyone from recent college graduates to executive level professionals with 20+ years of experience. You know how to tailor a resume to specific job descriptions and write resumes for career changers seeking to pivot into a new role or industry.
  • Cover letter writing: You write fresh, attention grabbing cover letters that people actually want to read. Not old and dry, “Dear Sir,” type of letters.
  • LinkedIn profile writing and optimization.
  • Job search strategy: You can coach someone to develop a job search plan that actually works including some combination of networking, targeting specific companies, and applying online.
  • Client enrollment: You can have conversations with prospective clients to determine if you are a good fit to work together and to enroll them in signing up for your resume writing and coaching services.
  • Networking strategy: You can coach a client on how to leverage their existing network to tap the hidden job market, as well as how to build new connections with the people they want to meet at their target companies.
  • Interviewing: You can coach someone through the process of acing their interview, covering everything from telling compelling accomplishment stories to strategizing about how to overcome weak spots in their candidacy.
  • Salary negotiation: You can guide someone through the process of researching their salary range and strategically navigating the topic of compensation to get paid what they are worth.
  • Building confidence and overcoming fears and stuckness: People get freaked out about changing career and you have tools and compassion to help them work through the inevitable obstacles and insecurities that arise – and reconnect them to their confidence.

Type of Position

  • This is a part time contract position.
  • Remote/work from home.
  • You can keep running your own business or working for another company part-time.
  • You set your own hours. Lots of flexibility and autonomy.


  • I’d like us to collaborate to create a few different coaching packages and prices to offer clients. For example:
    • Package #1: Resume writing only
    • Package #2: Job search coaching (includes resume, LinkedIn, cover letter, job search strategy coaching, interview prep, etc.)
  • I intend to structure the packages and pricing so that you are paid around $75-100/hr of your time. The exact amount will vary depending on how we create the packages and set the pricing.

How To Apply

  1. Email your resume and an optional cover letter to Adrian (). If you don’t have a resume, you can send a link to your website, blog, or LinkedIn profile.
  2. Please attach samples of resumes and cover letters you’ve written along with your resume and cover letter.

Thanks for your time and interest,


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