Iris Charabi-Berggren

Career Coach | Life Coach

A little bit about Iris

I am an experienced and skillful Certified Professional Co-Active Coach and EQ practitioner (CPCC, ACC, MFA) supporting startup founders, seasoned executives, small businesses, and individuals who are committed to personal growth and to creating a healthy ripple effect in their professional and personal circles.

Authentic leadership, innovation, productive communication skills, and emotional resourcefulness are some of the long lasting outcomes of my coaching. With a unique signature coaching-style, I deliver bold truths with great compassion, clarity, and humor. My clients often take huge leaps and learn to embrace the unknowns while feeling grounded.

My great joys derive from connecting people, encouraging new collaborations and cross-pollinations, as well as being a mentor to veterans, female founders, and youth.


  • Co-Active Coach (CTI)
  • Certified Mediator (UC Berkeley)
  • EQ Practitioner (
  • Gottman Method Couples Therapy Level 1,
  • Domestic Violence Counselor (Women’s Inc.)
  • Masters of Fine Arts (CCA)


  • Career coaching and career change: Specialty with storytelling & effective interviewing tactics (ex. explaining gap years with confidence)
  • Leadership development: Team building, effective communications, negotiations
  • Mentoring startup founders: Fundraising, pitching, hiring, scaling, working with the board/VCs (I mentor at 2 local accelerators)
  • Mediation, conflict resolution skills, communications
  • EQ skills: Mastering awareness of feelings, active and informed decision making (not reactive!), noble goal & social impact
  • Small businesses: Honing on ideal client/target market, clarifying offerings and services, creating an authentic online presence
  • Helping artists & creatives grow their businesses

Iris is an incredible coach and I highly recommend her to entrepreneurs everywhere. She helps me take action on current challenges of my business and is not afraid to dive into the details of complex situations. She always shares thoughtful, relevant resources like articles and videos. As a female founder, I find working with Iris particularly impactful.

Bryanne LeemingFounder at Unruly Studios

Iris has helped me enormously as I deal with the trials and tribulations of being a solo entrepreneur. Her expert coaching offers the clear vision, honest appraisals, and expert suggestions that I need to keep me and my venture on track. As somebody who works mostly alone, having Iris there to challenge my assumptions, troubleshoot my struggles, and celebrate my successes has been essential. I leave each session energized, focused, and confident. We all need a mensch to turn to during challenging times. I recommend Iris.

Aram Fischer

I highly recommend Iris as a world class career and leadership coach. As C-Suit executive working in the tech world, I have never managed my career, networks, and communication in a very deliberate way. Since working with Iris, I've become intentional strategic, and aware of my decisions.

Iris uses a pragmatic, conversational approach to help me see myself in a new light, identify areas of improvement, and seize new opportunities. She shares unique and relevant materials that aid me in expanding my perspectives. Her productive process enables me to be more pro-active and directional in my career and leadership endeavors. Sessions with her are dynamic and her energy is contagious - I just wish I had met her earlier.

Daniela M

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