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Lisa Lewis Coach

Lisa Lewis

Career Coach | Career Strategist

A little bit about Lisa

I am a career strategy coach helping ambitious and analytical people ready to get “unstuck” from a job you’ve outgrown and find work that truly fits who you are. My expertise is in helping clients get crystal clear on what they want and create the path to go get it, whether that’s moving into a new job, or starting your own business.  I love helping my clients clarify big career decisions, find more fulfillment in their work, and create a laser-like focus in entrepreneurial endeavors.

The reason I do this work is because I am a woman on a mission to make our careers as juicy, joyful, and satisfying as possible. If your job qualifies as someone else’s “dream job” — but not your own — I strongly believe we spend way too many hours at work each week to procrastinate seeking out more joy or fulfillment.

My journey started back in undergrad, when I did 8 internships over the course of my 4 years. I saw the inside of amazing brands like CBS, Teen Vogue, the American Cancer Society, and Seventeen Magazine.

After I graduated, I entered the working world and climbed my way up the corporate consulting ladder. I put in the hours learning digital marketing and communications strategy and rose quickly within the companies where I worked, keeping any hints of my dissatisfaction hidden from my bosses. But while I was trying so hard to make my job work, I was craving work that felt more like me. 

In my tenure in communications, I tried to find that work: I revived and ran the mid-level employee happiness (and retention) initiative and served as a regional driver for the company-wide women’s empowerment program. It was in this role that I discovered my skill and passion for coaching.

After spending nearly a decade in digital marketing and becoming an expert in branding and advocacy, I made the pivot into professional career coaching so I could leverage my own gifts and do deep work 1-on-1 with individuals to figure out what kind of juicy, fulfilling path fits you.

Over the last several years, I’ve gotten certifications or trainings from Jenny Blake’s Pivot Method, Danielle LaPorte’s Fire Starter Sessions, and the World Coaches Institute.

I love to coach multi-passionate individuals seeking help re-discovering, prioritizing and honoring their values in their work.  The clients that have the biggest breakthroughs with me are multi-passionate and landed their first few jobs but are currently stuck trying to decide their next move.

To learn more about me, you can read about my work in US News and World ReportGlassdoor.comLinkedInBrit + Co, or Washington Post.


  • StrengthsFinder: Relator, Learner, Analytical, Ideation, Competition
  • DiSC: Strong D, medium C, low I and low S
  • Enneagram: I’m a #1!


  • PIVOT Method trained coach
  • World Coach Institute Professional Coach and Career Coach trained coach
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator
  • StrengthsFinder
  • Situational Leadership II
  • Nonviolent Communication
  • Elevating Feedback
  • Crisis Text Line volunteer program

As an artist and entrepreneur, I juggle multiple projects and business lines every day. Lisa helped me focus my time and energy on those that mattered most to not only my financial bottom line but also my passion bottom line. She broke everything down into small, doable steps until we found a plan that worked. If you’re feeling stuck or need help getting yourself from point A to point B, I highly recommend working with her. And don’t wait – do it now! Your future self will thank you.

SarahDurham, NC

Working with Lisa was one of the best career investments I have ever made. Prior to our work together, I felt as though I was being pulled in a million directions without a clue of the direction I actually wanted to forge for myself. Lisa helped me clarify the things I was looking for in work and life, identify my “north stars” and values that truly mattered to me, and prepare to launch into a new, amazing career in a field I am truly excited about! Throughout the process, Lisa’s relentless optimism and encouragement helped me lean into my strengths rather than focus on weaknesses. In addition, Lisa’s guidance helped me overcome my fears, stay accountable to my personal and professional growth, and ultimately find a career that aligns my passions, strengths, lifestyle, and goals. I would 100% recommend working with Lisa!

JillianChicago, IL

Lisa has been just amazing. She was invaluable to this whole process for me and without her I don’t think I’d have had the confidence to proceed when I was stuck and therefore would not have had the success that I’ve had. I can’t tell you how much your support and encouragement means to me! You help me see myself in another light, a more confident light. Truly such a gift!


It amazes me how Lisa is able to combine big thinking creativity with practical problem solving to help people navigate complex career questions and crossroads. It’s easy to find one or the other but rare to find a coach like Lisa that integrates both the meaningful and the practical, seamlessly. She’s super sharp and will challenge you to bring forth your full potential while being genuinely warm and supportive as you take each step forward – no matter how big or how small. I’m delighted to have her as part of the career coaching team at A Path That Fits.

Adrian KlaphaakFounder of A Path That Fits, Inc.

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