Lisa Lewis Coach

Lisa Lewis

Career Coach | Career Strategist

A little bit about Lisa

I am a career strategy coach specializing in helping ambitious people clarify big scary career decisions, find more fulfillment in their current jobs, and create a laser-like focus in entrepreneurial endeavors.

I believe it’s not just possible, but imperative to be happy at work day-to-day — and that life is too short to settle for anything less than awesome. I believe you have unique gifts and skills that the economy can recognize and reward. I believe you deserve to get out of bed and feel really good about how you’re going to spend your day.
And I believe that sometimes we need to give ourselves permission to take leaps in our careers — because smart risks can lead to big rewards.

If there’s a job out there, I’ve done it. I’m experienced in managing career transition: prior to coaching, I was a marketing executive for a decade. In my tenure in communications, I revived and ran the mid-level employee happiness and retention initiative and served as a regional driver for the company-wide women’s empowerment program. It was in this role that I discovered my skill and passion for coaching. I have worked and interned in many different sectors and roles at the American Cancer Society, Teen Vogue, Seventeen, Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship and CBS.

I love to coach multi-passionate individuals seeking help re-discovering, prioritizing and honoring their values in their work.