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Purpose Coaching for your Career and Life

Transformational coaching for changemakers, leaders, and brave souls who want to awaken their true power, discover their purpose, and use it to lead a wildly fulfilling career that inspires others.

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We offer deep one-on-one coaching that illuminates your true power and purpose. We’ll use your purpose to take your career to the next level, make you a more inspiring and impactful leader, and live your best life.

You’ll emerge clear about what you are here to do, confident in your ability to do it, and more passionate than ever. Your life will inspire others.

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I was an executive leader at a non-profit. My job was stressful and draining and it was spilling over into my personal life. I knew it was time to move on but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do next or how to figure it out. I was struggling to find time to prioritize making a career change because my existing job was so consuming and we were in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. I was stuck.

After: For the first time in my career I feel like I am in the driver’s seat. That feels strange to say as a 56-year-old man, but it’s true. I used to be more reactive, meaning that I would take the opportunities that came my way. Now I’m proactive about pursuing opportunities that are a good fit for me because I know what I want and I’m confident in the value that I bring. I got my dream job as Chief Advancement Officer for an organization that advances racial justice and equity in the outdoor and environmental movement. Given my love for nature and the outdoors, as well as my interest in both social justice and fundraising, it’s perfect.


Chief Advancement Officer, San Francisco Bay Area

Who is a good fit for this type of coaching?

Over the last 17 years, We’ve helped thousands of people take their careers to the next level. We’ve worked with damn near everyone. Founders of tech start-ups, C-level executives, directors of non-profits, entrepreneurs, corporate professionals, attorneys, creatives, physicians, and everyone in between.

The common thread among all of our clients is the desire to know what they are meant to do.

Our clients usually find themselves in one of the following situations (prior to coaching):

1. You’re feeling stagnant. It’s time to take your career to the next level.

You hit a plateau and you’re feeling a bit stuck. You’re not having the success you feel is possible. You don’t necessarily want to find a new career but something needs to change.

We can help you reinvent your work and take your career to the next level.

2. You have the feeling you’re meant for something bigger.

You want to love your work. You want to make a difference in the world. You have the drive, the problem is you can’t figure out what you really want to do.

We can help you find your true calling.

3. You want to become a better leader.

You work long and hard but you’re not getting the results you want. Your work is overwhelming and you aren’t as effective as you want to be. You want to improve your leadership abilities and learn how to inspire others.

We can help you become a more effective and inspiring leader.

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Why purpose?

Discovering your purpose enables you to tap into your unique genius and use it to do your greatest work and live your best life. Your purpose is the deepest source of inspiration and guidance for your life and career. In other words, you’ll finally do the thing that you are meant to do and experience the success and fulfillment you’ve been dreaming about.

It doesn’t matter if you’re wondering what to do next or looking for inspiration to realize your fullest potential, your purpose is the way.


Entrepreneur, London

“Adrian has systematically helped me gain the life, freedom, and opportunities that I had only dreamed of.

As a life coach, he looks holistically at what I do to make a living, and how I interact with it emotionally. As we’ve worked together, my career, which had really been a hobby, has come to the forefront, and my life looks the way I thought it always could. Business coaching with Adrian has not only helped increase my bottom line, but it’s brought my life and passion for music to the forefront of my business, rather than what I was doing evenings and weekends. With his coaching, I remain surprised not that I reach my goals, but how much more quickly they occur.

In a nutshell, getting life coaching with Adrian has been one of the most significant choices I’ve made in the past five years. I would recommend him, without reservation, to anyone who has questions about their careers and how they are integrated into their life. I remain grateful for his help.”


We have a well-developed methodology based on 15 years of full-time work with thousands of clients and extensive training in the areas of psychology, purpose, career development, leadership, healing, and mindfulness. We always customize the coaching process to give you exactly what you need based on your unique goals and challenges.

Our sessions include a combination of deep listening, guiding you through coaching activities and assessments, working through the limiting beliefs and fears that hold you back, asking you powerful questions, giving you honest feedback, and holding you accountable to implement the changes you want to make.

We can talk about all aspects of your life, career, business, and relationships because your purpose touches every part of you and your world.

Step 1

Cleaning The Slate

First, we need to assess what isn’t working in your life. Where are you out of alignment with your values? What is draining your energy? We’ll make some quick adjustments to reduce stressors and restore the vitality that supports purpose discovery.

Step 2

Waking Your Soul

Your true power and purpose reside in your soul. If you want to embody your power and purpose, you need to connect with your soul. We’ll guide you through coaching activities and soul discovery experiences that reveal your unique gifts and passions. This is the beginning of discovering your purpose.

Step 3

Discovering Your Purpose

We’ll guide you through a process of deep reflection on your life and direct communication with your soul that reveals your purpose. You’ll articulate a purpose statement that inspires your life and work with clear direction and profound meaning.

Step 4

Incorporating Your Purpose Into Your Life & Work

This is the part where we’ll redesign your life and career to align with your purpose! You’ll take concrete actions to make changes in your career, lead with authenticity and passion, speak your truth, initiate new projects, or simply live with new vitality.

Step 5

Building Confidence & Overcoming Doubts and Fears

Everyone has their doubts and fears. We’ll look at how you hold yourself back and do the healing work to overcome your limiting beliefs and inner critic. In the process, you’ll build the confidence to fully express your gifts and purpose.

Step 6

Realizing The Full Potential Of Your Soul & Purpose

We support your ongoing growth by holding you accountable for the changes you want to make, challenging you to dream big, and supporting you to embody your true power and purpose in everything you do. This part of the coaching process can continue for as long as you want.


Health Educator & Consultant, Silicon Valley

“I’d always known in my heart that I was supposed to be “doing something else,” that brought me greater joy and more meaning, but I just didn’t know what that “something else” was.

I decided to create a website to educate, inspire and motivate people who have any of the 150+ autoimmune conditions – or who want to prevent one. I assembled a team and we launched our first website. It grew into a global community of 10,000+ on Facebook. That all led to me embarking on a book project to share people’s stories that offer real hope and strategies for healing. I just launched my book, “Beat Autoimmune: The 6 Keys to Reverse Your Condition and Reclaim Your Health” and it has quickly become a bestseller on Amazon.

I love what I do and the feeling of full alignment with my passion, personality, gifts and purpose.”

The (Scientifically Proven) Power of Purpose

Purpose positively impacts all aspects of the human experience from career to love, self-confidence to physical health. The following are highlights from the latest research on purpose.


Purpose-oriented employees have 64% higher levels of fulfillment in their work, are 50% more likely to be in leadership positions, and are 47% more likely to be promoted than non purpose-oriented employees.

Source: LinkedIn & Imperative 2016 Workforce Purpose Index.


Purpose is correlated with 42% higher levels of contentment and a decrease in depression.

Sources: Leider/Metlife, 2009 & Journal of Clinical Psychology, 1980.

Health & Wellbeing

People that can articulate their purpose live up to 7 years longer. Purpose also reduces your risk of early death, heart attack, stroke, and overall mortality by 23%.

Sources: Mt. Sinai, 2015 & National Institute of Health, 1998.

Relationships & Love

Purpose is correlated with increased levels of attraction, stronger and more abundant social ties, and a 31% increase in the capacity to feel love.

Sources: University College of London, 2019 & Leider/Metlife, 2009.

Finding my path has meant everything to me. It changed my life.


Life Coach, Palo Alto


Program Manager, Berkeley

Adrian helped me rediscover what I knew to be true about myself – things that had been muddled by the expectations of the world. Once that work was done, the path was clear. Adrian is an exquisite coach and guide who will help you purge the garbage that’s holding you back, steer you around fears and obstacles, and send you skipping gleefully down your path.

Meet Our Purpose Coaches

Daniel Fine, Career and Life Purpose Coach

Amidst the many beautiful twists and turns, challenges, and successes that I’ve experienced in my life, I have always found my way forward by reconnecting to my true essence. I can’t say that it has always been easy but seeing my true nature and understanding my purpose has always revealed what it is that wants to emerge in my life and work. 

As a purpose coach, my work is to help you see your innate genius and lovingly challenge you to more fully express your authentic self in everything you do. It is my joy to see so many clients step into bigger versions of themselves and become leaders in their careers. 

I bring my whole self and lifetime of experience to my work as a purpose coach, drawing on my diverse background as a father, entrepreneur, executive leader, actor, teacher, healing practitioner, and Zen hospice worker. 

I am excited to connect with you and discover the purpose that is waiting to guide you into a more beautiful life.

Adrian Klaphaak, Career and Life Purpose Coach

I’ve had a few genuine breakthroughs in my life, in which my life and career transformed into that which I had sensed was possible but couldn’t previously achieve.

The first was about my career. The second was about my health. Both breakthroughs were driven by listening to my deeper self and discovering my purpose.

My first breakthrough catapulted me out of a draining career in management consulting and inspired the creation of A Path That Fits. My second breakthrough led me from being in such constant back pain that I spent nearly half my waking life lying down to now trail running, surfing, gardening, backcountry snowboarding, and joyfully playing with my kids.

Connecting to my soul and purpose brought the clarity and empowerment that I needed to transcend my perceived limitations and walk my true path. I know its power through my own life experience and I’ve also seen this type of purpose coaching bring the same confidence, joy, and empowerment to thousands of clients. I want the same for you.

My purpose is to guide you into your true self and onto your true path.

I first sought out a career life coach at a time when I was “successful” but left feeling unfulfilled and at a loss for purpose. I had a great job, a partner who I loved, and it seemed like life was really coming together – at least on paper.

But I recognized a quiet feeling of doubt over my life decisions and path. Over the course of only a couple months or so, Adrian guided me a journey of self-discovery. He helped me dig deeper and get to know myself better. He encouraged me to take a look at my fears and stop holding myself back.

This month, I started a new job as a writer for my favorite brand! And that’s just one thing. I now deal with uncertainty better than before, and I’m more equipped to face – even embrace – the unexpected.


Senior Brand Manager, San Francisco


We believe in being transparent about pricing. You might be wondering how our rates compare to other coaches?

First, we don’t know of any other coaching programs like this so it’s a bit hard to compare. But we can say that we’re not the most expensive or the least expensive. Given our 15 years of experience, highest ratings in the country on Yelp, and thousands of clients served, we think we provide excellent value. We care deeply about our client’s well-being.

Let’s talk to see if it’s a good fit…

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One-On-One Coaching with AdrianMost Popular

$ 5000-7500

Per Month
  • One time payment for 3-6 months of coaching
  • Exact price TBD based on your needs and budget
  • Includes 10-15 sessions via video conference
  • Each session is 50-60 minutes via video conference
  • Includes full access to The Career Pathfinder Online Course
  • Includes customized activities for you to complete between sessions
  • Includes your coach’s time reviewing your activities
  • Email support for additional accountability in between sessions
  • Non-refundable
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Executive Creative Director, Oakland

My work with Adrian has been transformational in ways that shape who I am, what I do, and where I’m going in the future. I feel more confident in my career, more grounded in my choices, and more comfortable in my skin.

“Every day now, I don’t have the worry or the stress because I know where I’m headed.”


Entrepreneur, Oakland

How long does it take?

It typically takes about 3-6 months to discover your purpose and create meaningful change in your career and life. We’ve had clients accelerate the process and make radical changes in 1 – 2 months. We’ve also had clients continue working with us for years (after the initial package of sessions) because they appreciate the ongoing accountability and support. We both celebrate when it’s time to conclude our work together and watch you take flight.

Is this type of coaching the right fit for me?

Schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation to determine if this style of purpose driven career and leadership coaching is right for you. We look forward to getting to know you.

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