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Wake your soul.
Discover your purpose.
Channel your deepest gifts into life & work.
For the benefit of all.

I offer deep one-on-one coaching that guides you into your depths to awaken your soul, discover your purpose, and channel their gifts into your life and work. You’ll live, work, love, create, lead, and serve with clarity and confidence born from the depths of your being – and with the feeling of peace that comes from knowing who you are and what you are here to do.

Adrian Klaphaak Best Life Coach San Francisco Bay Area


Executive Creative Director, Oakland

My work with Adrian has been transformational in ways that shape who I am, what I do, and where I’m going in the future. I feel more confident in my career, more grounded in my choices, and more comfortable in my skin.

Finding my path has meant everything to me. It changed my life.


Life Coach, Palo Alto

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Why soul? Why purpose? Why now?

It’s been a challenging year. In all the upheaval and uncertainty, we each have an unprecedented opportunity to redesign our lives and careers in deeper alignment with our purpose. The current challenges are asking us to dig deeper. Doing so leads to soul and purpose.

It doesn’t matter if you’re here seeking guidance through a crisis or inspiration to realize your fullest potential and make the most of your one precious and beautiful life. Your soul knows the way.

Waking your soul and discovering your purpose provides guidance through the uncertainty, into the highest fulfillment of your individual potential, and simultaneously results in your greatest contribution to the wellbeing of all. Doing so brings healing and transformation to your own life and the world.

Who is a good fit for this type of coaching?

If you are looking for a deeper source of inspiration and guidance, you’re in the right place.

  • You might be at a crossroads or crisis. Maybe your current life and career are unfulfilling but you don’t know what to do or how to change. You’re asking yourself the big questions… What am I meant to do? What’s my purpose? How do I create a more meaningful life that makes the most of my gifts?
  • Or, you might be here proactively seeking growth. You know you are capable of more. You sense that there is more inside of you than is currently being expressed in your life. But… you aren’t sure how to access your soul’s gifts and purpose and channel them into your life and work.

What brought you here? I’d love to hear more about what is motivating you to wake your soul and discover your purpose. Sign up for a free consultation so we can get to know each other.

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Universe Circle


Musician & Entrepreneur, London

“Adrian has systematically helped me gain the life, freedom, and opportunities that I had only dreamed of.

As a life coach, he looks holistically at what I do to make a living, and how I interact with it emotionally. As we’ve worked together, my career, which had really been a hobby, has come to the forefront, and my life looks the way I thought it always could. Business coaching with Adrian has not only helped increase my bottom line, but it’s brought my life and passion for music to the forefront of my business, rather than what I was doing evenings and weekends. With his coaching, I remain surprised not that I reach my goals, but how much more quickly they occur.

In a nutshell, getting life coaching with Adrian has been one of the most significant choices I’ve made in the past five years. I would recommend him, without reservation, to anyone who has questions about their careers and how they are integrated into their life. I remain grateful for his help.”


I have a well-developed methodology based on 15 years of ongoing study and work with clients (please see the six steps outlined below). I always customize the coaching process to give you exactly what you need based on your unique goals and challenges.

Our sessions include a combination of deep listening, guiding you through coaching activities, asking you powerful questions, giving you honest feedback, and supporting you through the inevitable dips and challenges.

We can talk about all aspects of your life, career, business, and relationships because your soul and purpose touch every part of you and your world.

Step 1

Cleaning The Slate

First, we need to assess what isn’t working in your life. Where are you out of alignment with your values? What is draining your energy? We’ll make some quick adjustments to reduce stressors and restore the vitality that supports soul and purpose discovery.

Step 2

Waking Your Soul

We’ll use soul discovery activities, guided meditations, and immersive nature experiences to directly connect to your soul. You’ll discover your unique gift and learn how to listen to your soul’s wisdom and guidance.

Step 3

Discovering Your Purpose

I’ll guide you through a process of deep reflection on your life and direct communication with your soul that reveals your purpose. You’ll articulate a purpose statement that inspires your life and work with clear direction and profound meaning.

Step 4

Channeling Your Soul & Purpose Into Your Life & Work

This is the part where you redesign your life and career to align with your soul and purpose! You’ll take concrete actions that bring your soul, gift, and purpose into being. It could look like changing careers, speaking your truth in relationships, embarking on a new project, or simply living with new vitality and authenticity.

Step 5

Building Confidence & Overcoming Doubts and Fears

Everyone has their doubts and fears. We’ll look at how you hold yourself back and do the healing work to overcome your limiting beliefs and inner critic. In the process you’ll build the confidence to fully express your soul’s gifts and purpose.

Step 6

Realizing The Full Potential Of Your Soul & Purpose

I’ll support your ongoing growth by holding you accountable for the changes you want to make and challenging you to express the full brilliance of your soul and power of your purpose in your life and work. This part of the coaching process can continue for as long as you want.

The (Scientifically Proven) Power of Purpose

Purpose positively impacts all aspects of the human experience from love to career, self-confidence to physical health. The following are highlights from the latest research on purpose.


Purpose-oriented employees have 64% higher levels of fulfillment in their work, are 50% more likely to be in leadership positions, and are 47% more likely to be promoted than non purpose-oriented employees.

Source: LinkedIn & Imperative 2016 Workforce Purpose Index.


Purpose is correlated with 42% higher levels of contentment and a decrease in depression.

Sources: Leider/Metlife, 2009 & Journal of Clinical Psychology, 1980.

Health & Wellbeing

People that can articulate their purpose live up to 7 years longer. Purpose also reduces your risk of early death, heart attack, stroke, and overall mortality by 23%.

Sources: Mt. Sinai, 2015 & National Institute of Health, 1998.

Relationships & Love

Purpose is correlated with increased levels of attraction, stronger and more abundant social ties, and a 31% increase in the capacity to feel love.

Sources: University College of London, 2019 & Leider/Metlife, 2009.


Health Educator & Consultant, Silicon Valley

“I’d always known in my heart that I was supposed to be “doing something else,” that brought me greater joy and more meaning, but I just didn’t know what that “something else” was.

I decided to create a website to educate, inspire and motivate people who have any of the 150+ autoimmune conditions – or who want to prevent one. I assembled a team and we launched our first website. It grew into a global community of 10,000+ on Facebook. That all led to me embarking on a book project to share people’s stories that offer real hope and strategies for healing. I just launched my book, “Beat Autoimmune: The 6 Keys to Reverse Your Condition and Reclaim Your Health” and it has quickly become a bestseller on Amazon.

I love what I do and the feeling of full alignment with my passion, personality, gifts and purpose.”

I tapped into my core dreams and uncovered a confidence and new direction. This fall I started classes at my #1 choice grad school and everyday my dream continues to be realized. Thank you.



MA in Social Entrepreneurship, San Jose

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About Me & Why I Do This Work

I’ve had a few crises in my life. The first was about my career. The second was about my health. In those challenging times, I remained stuck and suffering until I was able to connect to my soul and follow its guidance. Painful as they were, both crises were catalysts for transformation that fundamentally changed me and my life in the best ways imaginable.

My first crisis rescued me from a draining career in management consulting and inspired the creation of A Path That Fits. My second crisis led me from being in such constant back pain that I spent nearly half my waking life lying down to now running five miles, surfing, and joyfully playing with my daughter.

Waking my soul and discovering my gifts and purpose brought the healing, growth, and direction that I needed to walk my true path. I believe the soul is one of the most powerful forces for healing and guidance, for individuals and the world. I’m here to support you in accessing the power of your soul and purpose and channeling their gifts into your life for the benefit of all.

Note: You definitely do not need to be in a crisis to radically benefit from the power of connecting to your soul and purpose. 

I first sought out a career life coach at a time when I was “successful” but left feeling unfulfilled and at a loss for purpose. I had a great job, a partner who I loved, and it seemed like life was really coming together – at least on paper.

But I recognized a quiet feeling of doubt over my life decisions and path. Over the course of only a couple months or so, Adrian guided me a journey of self-discovery. He helped me dig deeper and get to know myself better. He encouraged me to take a look at my fears and stop holding myself back.

This month, I started a new job as a writer for my favorite brand! And that’s just one thing. I now deal with uncertainty better than before, and I’m more equipped to face – even embrace – the unexpected.


Brand Manager, San Francisco


I believe in being transparent about pricing. You might be wondering how my rates compare to other coaches?

First, I don’t know of any other coaching programs like this so it’s a bit hard to compare. But I can say that I’m not the most expensive or the least expensive. Given my 15 years of experience, highest ratings in the country on Yelp, and thousands of clients served, I think I provide excellent value. I’m one part entrepreneur, one part career coach, one part life coach, one part soul guide, and all parts committed to your success.

Let’s talk to see if it’s a good fit…

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Monthly RetainerMost Popular

$ 1500

Per Month
  • Billed monthly until you cancel
  • Includes 3 sessions per month
  • Each session is 50-60 minutes via video conference or phone
  • Includes full access to The Career Pathfinder Online Course
  • Includes customized activities for you to complete between sessions
  • Email support is provided for additional accountability as needed
  • Cancel anytime
  • Non-refundable
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“Every day now, I don’t have the worry or the stress because I know where I’m headed.”


Entrepreneur, Oakland


Program Manager, Berkeley

Adrian helped me rediscover what I knew to be true about myself – things that had been muddled by the expectations of the world. Once that work was done, the path was clear. Adrian is an exquisite coach and guide who will help you purge the garbage that’s holding you back, steer you around fears and obstacles, and send you skipping gleefully down your path.

How long does it take?

It typically takes about 3-6 months to connect to your soul and purpose and create meaningful change in your life and career. I’ve had clients make radical changes in 1 – 2 months and other clients stay for years because they appreciate having a coach to keep them aligned with what is most important as their lives and careers continue to evolve. There’s no pressure to continue any longer than you want. We both celebrate when it’s time to conclude our work together and send you on your way.

Is this type of coaching the right fit for me?

The best way to determine if my soul-centered coaching is the right fit for you is to schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation. I look forward to getting to know you.

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