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Steven Starks

Career Coach | Job Search Strategist | National Certified Counselor

A little bit about Steven

The first thing you should know about me is that I absolutely believe it’s okay to feel a calling for something better, but not know what that is — or to have a secret dream you don’t think is possible because it’s been so muffled by the day-to-day, that it’s barely a whisper. Second, I should tell you that I take the words “meaning” and “clarity” very seriously. Meaning in work comes from aligning your career with what you most value. Clarity is defining a vision you can’t help but strive for.

I’ve dedicated my career to helping people unearth those values and desires and take their dreams from whispers to roars.

My clients come to me because they’re looking for a thought partner. They’re inventive, fresh thinkers who share the opinion that a career should be more than just a paycheck; it’s a vehicle for self-expression. They’re averse to quick-fix formulas and easy buttons, and known for welcoming dreaded “What should I do with my life!?” conversations with open arms.

As a coach, everything I do is driven by curiosity and exploration.

That’s because not knowing what you want in your career isn’t failure. It’s the first step on a journey of career transformation.

You might feel stuck because you don’t know where to start. Maybe you’re so stressed in your job that you can’t see a way out. Or you’re convinced that the role you crave doesn’t even exist. Your self-doubt can take many forms, but the fact is you’re guaranteed to go nowhere if you do nothing—and the opportunities are endless when you operate with a mindset of curiosity and a commitment to action.

Are you ready to get curious and tap back into your instincts?

That’s where it all starts.

I’d be honored to take your next steps with you.

What You Won’t Learn From My LinkedIn Profile:

I once had the mission of seeing all Seven New Wonders of the World (I saw three!), but as I’ve matured, I’ve learned that simply escaping the corporate world can be just as fulfilling. It’s the feeling of freedom I most value – and nothing’s more freeing than a good adventure and the ability to pursue your own idea of success.  

Where I’ve Been

I started my career with a broad interest in “helping people” and that vision brought me to where I am today – a coach who never stops thinking about careers or my clients, even after the session is over. You could say I’m “always on.”

  • Career Coach,
  • Senior Career Counselor, University of Phoenix
  • Therapist, Family Transitions
  • Mental Health Professional, ValueOptions

How I’ve Followed My Curiosity

  • National Certified Counselor, National Board for Certified Counselors
  • Master of Science, Mental Health Counseling, Walden University
  • Master of Science, Psychology, University of Phoenix
  • Certified Career Transition Coach, Career Thought Leaders Consortium
  • Falling down Youtube rabbit holes exploring Hip-Hop + Motown Oldies music

I really appreciated Steven's approachable and well-thought-out guidance in helping me navigate back into the job search process. It had been a number of years since I've actively looked for new employment opportunities so was a bit bewildered on how to start up again. I was also planning to switch careers so really was at a loss and felt somewhat behind on where to begin. Steven eased my tensions and helped me anchor into what I was newly interested in.

David G

My experience with Steven was truly excellent. His personality is such that I immediately felt comfortable sharing my challenges, as well as my career goals, with him. He’s very caring, concerned and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for just the right opportunity, as he is very adept at helping one to clarify where they really want to go next in their career.


Working with Steven was a fantastic experience! He was easy to talk to, a very good listener and asked excellent questions. I'm in a challenging position in that I haven't worked in 3 years and I'm going through a midlife career change. I would recommend Steven to anyone who is in the process of reinventing themselves.


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