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Find Work You Love That Pays You Well

We’ll guide you step-by-step in the Career Pathfinder Group Coaching Program

What is the Career Pathfinder Coaching Program?

It’s a virtual coaching program that combines an engaging online course + live coaching sessions with Adrian + a discussion forum where you can post questions and get personalized online coaching from our team of coaches + connection to an inspiring community of fellow career changers and accountability partners.

This program is good for people who are unfulfilled in their current career and want to make changes to find a more meaningful career path, but don’t know the steps to take to get there.

Adrian guides you step-by-step through the online course, explaining exactly what to do in over 50 short videos. The online course includes career assessments, coaching activities, video case studies, expert career tips and advice, career databases to discover new career ideas, and a downloadable workbook to keep you organized and on track. You also get access to live group coaching sessions via Zoom, a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and get personalized feedback from our team of coaches, and connection to a supportive network of fellow career changers for accountability and inspiration.

It’s a more affordable alternative to working 1:1 with a career coach, life coach, or career counselor – and you still get the benefit of live group coaching with Adrian and personalized online coaching in the discussion forum.

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Science Teacher, San Francisco

I just attained the best job offer in a career I wanted but NEVER thought was possible, and have an outlook of renewed hope and clarity. Not like what I doing before was bad but it was just not ME.

Before: I was bouncing around in a few different unfulfilling jobs, trying to figure out what I was passionate about. None of the jobs felt like me.

After: Now I’m the Executive Director at a museum. It’s my dream job. It hits on everything that I discovered I wanted in the coaching program. My boss recently told me “this job is perfect for you.” It’s impossible to overstate how important it is to love what you do. I couldn’t really be happier with my career. I would do this even if I didn’t have to work.

Katie Conry

Executive Museum Director, San Francisco

Why did I create The Career Pathfinder Coaching Program?

Everyone kept asking for it. Our clients were generously sending us referral after referral, and telling us that there wasn’t anything else out there as deep and powerful as our coaching process. But our 1:1 practice was often full so I knew I had to create another platform to help thousands more people find work they love. I also wanted a more affordable coaching option for our clients. So, I distilled over 10,000 hours and 10 years of coaching clients into 12 modules of content and a group coaching program—that you can start today and do at your own pace.

How does the Career Pathfinder Coaching Program work?

Proven Step-by-Step Process

The pathfinding process is broken down into 12 online modules of coaching activities that guide you through all the necessary steps to find the right career. This process has worked for 1000+ clients. Watch the video (above) for an explanation of all the steps.

Live Coaching with Adrian + Online Coaching with Emily

Get coaching from Adrian & Emily during live group coaching sessions where you can ask them questions and get personalized feedback and career advice. Offered 2x/month.

Get online coaching from Emily in the Facebook group by posting questions whenever you want.

Powerful Community Network

You aren’t in this alone. Use our private Facebook group to connect with our community of people doing inspiring work for networking contacts and ongoing support from people who get it.


The online learning platform keeps you organized, accountable, and tracks your progress. You get a downloadable workbook to record your insights. You can also choose to partner with an accountability buddy for free peer coaching.

Case Studies

Get inspired and reassured that this process works by watching case studies from previous participants that have made successful career changes. They share their stories and offer tips and advice. There are dozens of written and video case studies throughout the online course.

Go as fast as you want

This is a self-paced program. We know most people are eager to make changes so we give you immediate access to all 12 modules of coaching activities from day 1. This gives you the freedom to move as fast as you want. On average, people complete one module each week and complete the program in 3 months. You can cancel your membership at any time – whenever you feel complete.

Is it right for you?

If you have the feeling that you’re meant for something more but you can’t figure out what “it” is, The Career Pathfinder can help you get clear.

Our pathfinders usually fit one of the following three profiles:


1. You’re ready for a change but don’t know what to do next

You’ve tried different jobs, roles, and careers but nothing feels quite right. You’re tired of trying to figure it out on your own and you’re looking for a proven process to guide you.

The Career Pathfinder can help you find the right career for you.


2. You want to do more meaningful work

You have a ‘good’ job but it isn’t feeding you. You want to love your work and have a bigger impact. But you don’t know what else is out there for you.

The Career Pathfinder can help you find your true calling.


3. You hit a plateau

You’re well into your career and it’s starting to feel stagnant. You’re wondering whether to continue in it or find something new. The stakes are high and you want to make the right move.

The Career Pathfinder can help you reinvent your career and take it to the next level.

What activities are included in the online course?

This program is packed with powerful activities that are fun and engaging.
It goes way beyond what you think of as an online course.

Career assessments

Get an objective assessment of your passions, strengths, personality type and the specific careers that fit.

The Passions Quest

The passions quest sends you on a real-world experiential adventure to find work you’ll love.

Tools To Build Your Confidence & Overcome Your Fears

There’s an entire module of activities packed with powerful psychological tools to help move through your fears and build up your confidence.

Case Studies

Get inspired by watching video interviews of former pathfinders that share how they went from feeling lost to finding their calling and succeeding in making a career change. There are over 50 case studies in the course.

The Career Claiming Tool

A magical spreadsheet that tells you what career is right for you!

Downloadable Workbook

Complete the coaching activities and keep all of your important discoveries in one place.

50+ Instructional Videos

Adrian is your online career coach, explaining what to do at each step via numerous short instructional videos.

Resume, Cover Letter & Job Search Strategy

All the tools and templates you need to land your dream job. Including how to write your resume & cover letter, update your LinkedIn, network like a pro, and ace the interview.

You’ll follow the proven step-by-step career “pathfinding” system

Most people who are looking for the right career don’t know where to start. It’s not their fault. The problem is that “pathfinding” isn’t taught.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve spent over 10,000 hours coaching clients, studying their success, and refining my career pathfinding methodology. I know what works and what doesn’t and I’ve figured out how to help people identify the missing pieces of their career puzzle and fit it all together beautifully.

You don’t have to keep struggling to figure it out on your own. It does take work but it’s a lot easier when you are guided step-by-step through a proven process.

12 modules of profound & powerful content

Week 1: Keys to a successful career change

  • Learn the most important keys to a successful career change.
  • Watch Ben’s case study that explains how he went from depressed and discouraged in a cubicle to successful and fulfilled running his own business.
  • Do you ever get the feeling that something is holding you back from finding your path but you just can’t figure out what it is? I’ll show you how to identify your biggest obstacle and bust through it so you create big new possibilities for your life and future career.

Week 2: Discover your gifts

  • If you haven’t had the success and fulfillment that you want up to this point in your career, it’s probably because your career isn’t using your gift.
  • Discovering your gift is what propels you from good to great. It’s your superpower.
  • You’re already brilliant. You just have to know how to see it. This week is full of coaching activities that go beyond your strengths to discover your gift.

Week 3: Discover your passion and purpose

  • I know you might be thinking, “I don’t have any passions!” Not to worry… This week is packed with activities you haven’t seen anywhere else like the “Passions Quest” that will get you in touch with interests and passions hidden beneath the surface.
  • You’ll also go one level deeper than passion to discover the causes you care most deeply about. This infuses your work with purpose and makes it possible for you to have a bigger impact.

Week 4: Discover the work environment your personality needs to thrive

  • Your personality type gives you concrete information about the type of work that you are built to do.
  • Understand exactly what you need in order to thrive in your work.
  • You’ll also take a great assessment that gives you a list of careers that fit you.

Week 5: Find specific careers that fit you

  • Do you ever feel like there might be another career out there for you that you don’t even know exists? You probably don’t want to make a career change until you know you’ve explored all your options.
  • I’ll show you how to translate your gifts and passions into specific careers that fit you.
  • By the end of this module there will be no stone left unturned. We’ll use career databases and my own secret strategies and proven tools to find new careers that you don’t currently know about.

Week 6: Overcome your fears & build your confidence

  • Working through your fears and obstacles is the “X factor” in finding your path. Fail to do this work and you may find yourself making excuses for why you “should” stay where you are.
  • I’ll give you practical strategies and psychological tools to overcome the most common obstacles to change careers:
    • “I’m afraid of failing.”
    • “How do I avoid starting over?”
    • “What if I make the change and I’m worse off?”
    • “How can I be sure that I make enough money?”
    • “How to connect with your limitless True Self.”
    • You’ll also get a huge boost to your confidence by learning how to connect with your limitless True Self.

Week 7: Find a profitable niche by talking to experts in the field

  • Want to make sure that your future career supports your lifestyle? Instead of just pondering it isolation, I’ll show you how to find the most profitable and “in demand” niche careers in any field.
  • I’ll show you how to get the inside scoop by having powerful conversations with experts in the field to learn what it’s really like to do the work and what it takes to succeed. You’ll get the exact email scripts you need to connect with anyone and word for word informational interview templates and questions.

Week 8: Test drive your career to make sure it’s the right fit

  • At this point in the process, you’re getting close to claiming your path. But how can you be sure that choose the right career?
  • To know for sure you have to have an experience of doing the work.
  • I’ll show you how to reduce the risk of choosing the wrong career by test driving your future career. It’s as close as you can get to the real thing without quitting your job.

Week 9: Build Resilience & Grit For Greatness

  • This week is full of coaching activities that will build resilience and grit—two qualities that will help you succeed in anything you choose to do. 
  • It goes beyond your career. The ways of being that you’ll cultivate in this module will lead to a happier life. They enable you to realize your full potential, grow into the best version of yourself, succeed in the face of big challenges, and go on to do big beautiful things in your life and work.

Week 10: Claim your path

  • I’ll guide you through two definitive decision making activities to get that last little bit of clarity needed to claim your path.
  • Use the bulletproof career claiming tool to convince your analytical mind what career is the best fit.
  • Use the illuminating future career visualization to listen to your “gut” and let your intuition tell you which career is right for you.

Week 11: Make the change without jumping off a cliff

  • I’ll explain how to avoid taking a big financial hit while changing careers.
  • I’ll teach you how to use your existing career as a launching pad for your future path so you don’t have to start from zero.
  • You’ll create a career change game plan that maps out exactly what steps to take and you’ll launch your new career by taking the first step.

Week 12: BONUS COURSE: How to land your dream job

  • There is so much valuable content in this module that it’s soon to be an entire course of its own! Get it free now.
  • While it’s going to take more than a week to get a job offer, this bonus module has everything you need land your dream job:
    • How to strategically position yourself as the right fit for the job you want
    • How to craft your elevator pitch
    • How to write a killer resume that gets you interviews
    • How to update your LinkedIn profile
    • How to write a stand out cover letter
    • How to use your network to tap the hidden job market
    • How to ace your interview
    • How to negotiate a higher salary

How is the program designed?

Group Coaching + Online Course + Community Network + Accountability Partner

The coaching program is delivered via an online learning platform with me (Adrian) guiding you via 50+ short videos that explain what to do at each step. You complete coaching activities in a downloadable workbook, take career assessments, and watch case studies to learn how other people successfully found careers they love.

You also get access to powerful group coaching and connection with an inspiring community of pathfinders making changes in their life and work:

  1. Live group coaching sessions led by Adrian & Emily 2x/month
  2. Ongoing online coaching from Emily
  3. Facebook group with an active community discussion and network
  4. The option to partner with your own accountability buddy for free peer coaching

We’ve got you covered with lots of support

Adrian and Emily provide you with ongoing coaching and support from start to finish. You aren’t in this alone.

Emily Stanek
  • Adrian and Emily are available during group coaching sessions twice a month for live coaching. You can call in to ask them questions, get feedback, and learn from the questions asked by your fellow pathfinders.
  • Emily provides ongoing support and coaching in the Facebook group. You can post your questions, share your insights, and receive expert feedback and advice.
  • Want to ask your fellow career changers for advice or networking contacts? Use the private Facebook group to tap the power of this community of inspiring people.
  • You can add a 1:1 coaching session with Emily whenever you want for an additional fee of $250.

Proof it works

Based on our exit survey, nearly 90% of participants who finish the program say,
“Yes, I found a career that fits me.”

Before: My job was stressful and draining and it was spilling over into my personal life. I knew it was time to move on but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do next or how to figure it out. I was struggling to find time to prioritize making a career change because my existing job was so consuming and we were in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. I was stuck.

After: I got my dream job as Chief Advancement Officer for an organization that advances racial justice and equity in the outdoor and environmental movement. Given my love for nature and the outdoors, as well as my interest in both social justice and fundraising, it’s perfect.


Chief Advancement Officer, San Francisco Bay Area


Freelance Translator, Portland

It’s hard to express the depth of knowledge I acquired through completing this course. The Career Pathfinder Coaching Program pulled me out of a hopeless place and gave me the tools I needed to find my path. I was so downtrodden and mired in negative self-talk and this course reintroduced me to the raw potential I can offer. It validated my belief that it is possible to find a career that feels like an extension of myself. I always new it was possible but I didn’t know what ‘it’ was until I took this course.

I didn’t know what to do next. The Career Pathfinder gave me the clarity and confidence I needed to start my own business. Now I’m free to focus on what I do best and as a result, I’m more successful and fulfilled. I’m happier in my personal life too.


Tech Entrepreneur, New York


Public Relations, San Francisco

I was looking for a career change for about a year and wasn’t sure how to go about it. I now work for an amazing company and I could not have done it without Adrian’s program.

Wow, what can I say? After a few unfulfilled years in corporate sales, I was at the end of my rope with what to do next. I had even switched jobs, taken a year off to travel, and seen other career folks who gave me solid advice but not the right guidance.

I came to the conclusion that if Adrian’s program worked, it would be the best money I ever spent and that it was!

Now I run my own real estate company. I love calling the shots. It’s a world of difference just in terms of my overall enjoyment.


Real Estate Investor, Oakland

Graduates of our career and life coaching programs have built exciting careers at the following companies (in addition to starting their own businesses and inspiring personal projects)…

Clients Hired By Companies Tile Image


The Career Pathfinder is our most popular and most affordable career coaching program. It’s helped 1000+ people find work they love.

Pricing is simple. You pay the same membership fee each month until you complete the program. You can cancel at any time, whenever you feel complete. Stay for 1 month or 3 months or even 6 months if you want. Membership fees are non-refundable but we do have an initial 14-day money-back guarantee so you can give it a try without worry.

It takes most people an average of 3 months to complete the entire program but everyone’s timeline is unique. There are 12 modules of content and it takes about 3-4 hours to complete all activities in each module.

Monthly Membership FeeON SALE

$495 $250

Per Month
  • SAVE 50% (every month)!
  • Recurring monthly membership fee of $250/month
  • Cancel anytime
  • Get immediate access to all 12 modules of content
  • 2 hours of live group coaching sessions with Adrian & Emily each month via Zoom
  • Access to our private Facebook group where you can network with your fellow career changers
  • Online coaching from Emily Stanek who is available to answer your questions and give personalized feedback about your career change
  • The option to work with an accountability partner to keep you on track
  • Includes 3 career assessments valued at $179 for no additional cost to you – yours to keep forever
  • Downloadable workbook – yours to keep forever
  • 14-day money-back guarantee
Start Now

Wondering if it will work for you?

The Career Pathfinder has already helped over 1000 people find work they love but the only way to really know if it will work for you is to try it, right?

To make that easy, we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. If it’s not the right fit for you, email us within the first 14 days and we’ll give you a full refund. You’ll even get to keep the results of any of the career assessments that you take ($179 value). You’re not going to find a better offer than that:)

If you’ve been considering a career change, this career coaching program has everything you need to get clear about the work you are meant to do. I look forward to watching you take your career to the next level with a newfound sense of purpose.

14 day money back guarantee badge small


Software Engineer, Palo Alto

BEFORE: I was a forensic accountant, investigating complex fraud and misconduct. My motivation was flagging and I realized I needed help to make a bigger change.

AFTER: Now I am a software engineer at Google. After three months in the Career Pathfinder Coaching Program, I’ve landed a new job that I wouldn’t have thought possible! My wife says I’m much happier in general.

I absolutely loved Adrian’s online Career Pathfinding Program. I had expected the same type of “list your passions”, “take this personality test”, “take this strengths test” things I had done in the past, but this program was completely different. I am so grateful to finally have a direction that is perfect for me.


Writer, San Francisco


Future Psychologist, Palo Alto

I can tell you that after 3+ months using the Career Pathfinder eCourse my career outlook has never been better! I am currently going through a complete career change that I would have never dreamed about before I started this program.

I knew I wanted to make a career change but lacked clarity of what exactly I wanted to pursue next. The coaching program helped me explore my passions and strengths and narrow down what careers would be most fulfilling. For me, it was a relatively quick process – I went from sales to an events team in marketing.


Event Marketing, Los Angeles

Sign Up & Get Instant Access

12 modules of powerful coaching activities with Adrian guiding you via 50+ videos through the exact steps to find your path.

2 live group coaching sessions with Adrian & Emily each month where you can ask your questions and get their direct feedback.

Online coaching from Emily Stanek in the Facebook group

Free access to the best career assessments and databases. Assessments would cost you $179 if paid out of your pocket. They are yours to keep forever.

Downloadable workbook that makes it easy for you to complete each step and stay organized.

Dozens of video and written case studies from former clients that share exactly how they found their path using this process.

Access to our private Facebook group to get your questions answered fast and network with a community of fellow pathfinders that help you succeed.

Your own accountability buddy to check-in with for extra motivation and support.

The option to add-on 1:1 coaching with our expert coaches.

Monthly Membership FeeON SALE

$495 $250

Per Month
  • SAVE 50% (every month)!
  • Recurring monthly membership fee of $250/month
  • Cancel anytime
  • Get immediate access to all 12 modules of content
  • 2 hours of live group coaching sessions with Adrian & Emily each month via Zoom
  • Access to our private Facebook group where you can network with your fellow career changers
  • Online coaching from Emily Stanek who is available to answer your questions and give personalized feedback about your career change
  • The option to work with an accountability partner to keep you on track
  • Includes 3 career assessments valued at $179 for no additional cost to you – yours to keep forever
  • Downloadable workbook – yours to keep forever
  • 14-day money-back guarantee
Start Now
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Free Career Guide & Case Studies

Want a more meaningful career? Learn 5 key strategies to find work you love that pays you well.

We’ve used these strategies to help 1000+ people find their calling and take their careers to the next level. The career guide also includes 4 career change case studies that illustrate how former clients have succeeded in making different types of career pivots.

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