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We’re sorry. This offer has expired.

But we still want you to join us in The Career Pathfinder Coaching Program!

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Proof it works

Based on our exit survey, nearly 90% of participants who finish the program say,
“Yes, I found a career that fits me.”

Jimmy Career Coach San Francisco Testimonial Picture 300x300 The Career Pathfinder   Offer ExpiredJimmy

Science Teacher, San Francisco

I just attained the best job offer in a career I wanted but NEVER thought was possible, and have an outlook of renewed hope and clarity. Not like what I doing before was bad but it was just not ME.

Before: I was bouncing around in a few different unfulfilling jobs, trying to figure out what I was passionate about. None of the jobs felt like me.

After: Now I’m the Executive Director at a museum. It’s my dream job. It hits on everything that I discovered I wanted in the coaching program. My boss recently told me “this job is perfect for you.” It’s impossible to overstate how important it is to love what you do. I couldn’t really be happier with my career. I would do this even if I didn’t have to work.

%name The Career Pathfinder   Offer Expired
Katie Conry

Executive Museum Director, San Francisco

Angela Headshot The Career Pathfinder   Offer Expired

Account Services, Portland Trail Blazers

It’s hard to express the depth of knowledge I acquired through completing this course. The Career Pathfinder Coaching Program pulled me out of a hopeless place and gave me the tools I needed to find my path. I was so downtrodden and mired in negative self-talk and this course reintroduced me to the raw potential I can offer. It validated my belief that it is possible to find a career that feels like an extension of myself. I always new it was possible but I didn’t know what ‘it’ was until I took this course.

I didn’t know what to do next. The Career Pathfinder gave me the clarity and confidence I needed to start my own business. Now I’m free to focus on what I do best and as a result, I’m more successful and fulfilled. I’m happier in my personal life too.

chris newyork The Career Pathfinder   Offer Expired

Tech Entrepreneur, New York

allison The Career Pathfinder   Offer ExpiredAllison

Public Relations, San Francisco

I was looking for a career change for about a year and wasn’t sure how to go about it. I now work for an amazing company and I could not have done it without Adrian’s program.

Wow, what can I say? After a few unfulfilled years in corporate sales, I was at the end of my rope with what to do next. I had even switched jobs, taken a year off to travel, and seen other career folks who gave me solid advice but not the right guidance.

I came to the conclusion that if Adrian’s program worked, it would be the best money I ever spent and that it was!

Now I run my own real estate company. I love calling the shots. It’s a world of difference just in terms of my overall enjoyment.

Ben The Career Pathfinder   Offer Expired

Real Estate Investor, Oakland

Tom Curtis 276x300 The Career Pathfinder   Offer ExpiredTom

Software Engineer, Palo Alto

BEFORE: I was a forensic accountant, investigating complex fraud and misconduct. My motivation was flagging and I realized I needed help to make a bigger change.

AFTER: Now I am a software engineer at Google. After three months in the Career Pathfinder Coaching Program, I’ve landed a new job that I wouldn’t have thought possible! My wife says I’m much happier in general.

I absolutely loved Adrian’s online Career Pathfinding Program. I had expected the same type of “list your passions”, “take this personality test”, “take this strengths test” things I had done in the past, but this program was completely different. I am so grateful to finally have a direction that is perfect for me.

Anne Avatar 277x300 The Career Pathfinder   Offer ExpiredAnne

Writer, San Francisco

conrad The Career Pathfinder   Offer ExpiredConrad

Future Psychologist, Palo Alto

I can tell you that after 3+ months using the Career Pathfinder eCourse my career outlook has never been better! I am currently going through a complete career change that I would have never dreamed about before I started this program.

I knew I wanted to make a career change but lacked clarity of what exactly I wanted to pursue next. The coaching program helped me explore my passions and strengths and narrow down what careers would be most fulfilling. For me, it was a relatively quick process – I went from sales to an events team in marketing.

romi The Career Pathfinder   Offer ExpiredRomi

Event Marketing, Los Angeles

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